I’m delighted to say that I finally upgraded my Kindle 2 to a brand new Kindle PaperWhite. It’s an incredible device. Not perfect, but night and day to the old kindle–quite literally. The “front lighting” ┬áis just fantastic. I can read in the dark without any of the “glare” you get from tablets. The rest of the interface is improved as well, at least from my 3 year old K2. In particular, I have come to rely on the new feature that looks at my reading speed and tells me how long until I finish a chapter or the book. Very handy if you are tired and wondering if you should go to sleep or read a few more chapters.

However, it led to an embarrassing and horrifying discovery. Several of our recent releases have font problems on the PaperWhite and we think probably also on the Touch. You probably don’t want to hear the technical stuff about KF8 and font size definitions, but what you do want to hear is the problems should be fixed and you can go to Manage My Kindle at Amazon and it should tell you there are updated versions available.

And for anyone who bought a copy and returned it because of the font problems. Well, you might want to take another look!